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Annual Meeting of Enterprise Trade Union.
1.Agenda arrangement of the general meeting of the enterprise.
12: 30: All staff attending the meeting will arrive at the designated hall in advance, take their seats in the designated row, and wait for the start of the staff meeting (the hall will play background music).
13: 00-13:10: The first item of the meeting was held. The music stopped, the firecrackers sounded (background firecrackers), and the host announced the beginning of the staff meeting. All the staff attending the meeting were introduced to the main leaders of the company and applauded; (Staff welcome ceremony is over) The General Manager is invited to deliver the Opening Speech.
13: 11: The General Assembly will conduct the second item, and each principal will make a year-end report respectively; (Each company is different, and the time is specific).
16: 40-16:50: The third item of the conference was to ask the general manager to read out the Company’s Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives and Individuals in Work in the Last Year.
16:50-17:00: The host invited the outstanding employees who had won the honor of advanced individual to come on stage to receive the award, and the general manager was invited to issue them with certificates of honor and bonus red packets. The advanced individuals took a group photo with the general manager. The host applauded and congratulated.

The host invited representatives of advanced individuals to give a short speech on the spot (photographers take photos) (the hall plays the background music of the award).
17: 00-17:10: The host invited the relevant person in charge who has won the honor of advanced collective to come on stage to receive the award, and the general manager was invited to award him an honorary medal or cup. The advanced collective recipient took a group photo with the general manager. The host led the host to congratulate him.
The host invited the representative of the advanced collective responsible for receiving the award to give a brief speech on the award (the photographer took a photo) (the hall played the background music of the award).
17: 10-17:20: The host reminded the main leaders present at the staff meeting and the outstanding employees who have won the advanced personal honor to take a group photo.
17: 20-17:30: The host made a brief summary of the staff meeting, announced the closing of the staff meeting, (leaving background music played in the hall).
2.Relevant arrangements for the annual banquet.
18: Before 30: employees arrive at the designated place, all drin.ks and cold dishes are ready.
18: Before 55: The General Manager goes to the rostrum to present a toast.
19: Before 00: The host announced the start of the dinner, and first raised a glass to celebrate the happy New Year, wishing the company a better tomorrow.
19: 00-22:30: Dining and activities for participants.
conclusion: Commend the previous year and the next year’s strategic deployment, inspire the spirit, unify the goals, strengthen unity and create brilliance again.

Post time: Dec-05-2022